SYE almost done, roadblock

December 29th, 2009

I started my SYE a few days ago.  I was putting the TC halves back together and one of the tabs on the oil pump got stuck where it shouldn’t have.  The tab snapped off.  I ordered a new one, but this sets me back a few days while I wait for UPS.  Right now my Heep is completely undriveable.

Other than that, everything on the SYE install has been super smooth.  My chain and the yellow/brass synchro ring are both in surprisingly good shape.  Also, most YJ’s have a set of needle bearings inside of the mode hub.  My TC is stamped “1994”, which apparantly makes it new enough to have the TJ style mode hub that just rides against the mainshaft.  All this really means is I didn’t have to press any bearings out of my mode hub.

If I have to do another SYE on my Heep for some reason, I’ll be sure to acquire a much beefier set of lock ring pliers.  The single step that has taken the longest thus far was installing the lock/snap ring on the new mainshaft on top of the mode hub.  I used screwdrivers, dental pics, and duckbill pliers to massage that baby into place.