Rosetta Sucks

March 1st, 2008

I was looking for ways to trim down memory usage to gain system performance (I’ve been swapping a bit lately) on my Core(not 2)Duo Macbook when I made a little discovery.  I just recently upgraded from MS Office 2004 to 2008.  The main reason I upgraded was to gain full Intel universal binary support because rosetta is slow.  However, I think the updater missed something rather critical:  the old Microsoft Autoupdate Daemon was still running in PPC-land.  It wasn’t much surprise that stopping that from starting saved me around 300MB of memory that was formerly going to the system for keeping on-the-fly-PPC-code-conversions going.  The same thing did NOT happen on my iMac when upgrading from 2004 to 2008, so maybe it was just a fluke.  But still, I can now afford to give Parallels just a little more memory without dipping into swap.  Sweet!

samba privs; unix extensions = no

February 22nd, 2008

Here’s the problem: If a folder on a samba (3.0.28, but any 3.0.2x should be the same) share is 700 and has a non-root owner, even samba admin users will not be able to access the folder from the Finder in Mac OS X 10.5.2. The solution? Turn off ‘unix extensions’ in the server’s smb.conf.

unix extensions = no

Today we encountered a 10.5.2 Mac that couldn’t correctly resolve privs; a Tiger machine with the same credentials did just fine. Since the privs in question were ACL-based, the only thing I can think of is that Leopard is getting confused somewhere. It could be UNIX extensions. It could be only a Finder issue (I didn’t think of testing smbclient until later).

Next is figuring out how to recreate the problem… That’s for tomorrow. =)

I upgraded my samba test box to 3.0.28 (latest ~x86 in portage) and was pumped after preliminary testing to upgrade our main file services to the same version. There was only one problem: Mac OS X 10.4.latest (Tiger) clients can’t connect.

With versions of samba greater than 3.0.24 there is a Finder ‘bug’ that shows itself in Leopard (<=10.5.1)--you can't connect to a samba server with no browsable shares. Now that I figured out that you just need to make _one_ browsable share and the Finder will be happy, I've found this Tiger problem... I'm going to fiddle with the unix extensions directive and see what happens. Right now I’m not too worried about upgrading since _ALL_ versions of samba in portage are masked due to a regression bug that needs some TLC.

Just an FYI: Daemon Tools (disk image mounting utility) doesn’t work while Windows is running in Parallels virtualization on a Mac. It won’t let you mount any fake devices–it just lets you know that you have chosen an invalid image. Everything works fine when booted into Windows on my Intel iMac (boot camp). No biggie for right now, but once 3D support is mainstream with Parallels and Fusion (the latter of which I haven’t tested with DTools yet) I would like to be able to mount disk images to play games that require the media be present (BF2, which I legally own a copy of, is one of those games).

–update– Brad tested Daemon Tools in Fusion and it works fine, but BF2 did not launch…

In other news, it’s not possible AFAIK to create a virtual software package (Altiris SVS) for Daemon Tools. Duh.