I upgraded my samba test box to 3.0.28 (latest ~x86 in portage) and was pumped after preliminary testing to upgrade our main file services to the same version. There was only one problem: Mac OS X 10.4.latest (Tiger) clients can’t connect.

With versions of samba greater than 3.0.24 there is a Finder ‘bug’ that shows itself in Leopard (<=10.5.1)--you can't connect to a samba server with no browsable shares. Now that I figured out that you just need to make _one_ browsable share and the Finder will be happy, I've found this Tiger problem... I'm going to fiddle with the unix extensions directive and see what happens. Right now I’m not too worried about upgrading since _ALL_ versions of samba in portage are masked due to a regression bug that needs some TLC.

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