XFS Progress?

January 15th, 2008

Over break my problematic XFS volume wasn’t quite as busy as usual. However, I was still seeing FS errors in dmesg. The same messages showed up in my syslog and I was able to correlate the time of the errors to a particular cron job. I was able to systematically find a specific directory that, whenever it was touched, was the cause of the errors in my logs! Sure enough, I tried cd baddirectory and I got an FS error. I did it enough times in a row and the FS got angry and remounted RO. After an xfs_repair marathon I was able to delete the bad directory and I haven’t seen an FS error since. I went through the trouble of touching every single file and directory on the volume in search of a similar rotten apple–no luck so far.

So it would appear that bad files/directories were the culprit. But how did they get there? I won’t know until it happens again, I guess.

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