In the spirit of the “third stall”, Firefox 3 Beta 4 rocks my socks.  Scrolling speeds, general zippiness, and forward/back performance are all pretty nice.  I like having more memory available for other hungry apps (Parallels, Adobe crap, etc.), too.  Can’t wait for it to go final.

I remember not too long ago that there were Firefox v1.0 parties across the world.  Why the speed up?  Wasn’t Firefox asymptotic to v1.0 for several years?

CIAS Note:  We have some really cool computing facilities in our college, but I don’t feel like they are marketed properly or effectively.  Do other schools offer (seemingly) unlimited storage for web and class projects (or pretty much whatever you want)?  How about art schools?  What about our photo facilities?  ISL?  Do other schools offer several different renderfarm solutions in addition to the ability to use a world-wide supercomputing grid?  I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but we have some really cool shit.  Then again, I’ve had three glasses of my favorite Pinot Noir.  =)

Final thought:  In the midst of our governor getting sacked for violating the moral conciousness of our state, something he said long before he took an oath in Albany caught my attention.  Paraphrased, “if you are playing defense, you are losing”.  More thoughts on that later, I suppose; brain needs to digest.

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