Jeep diary, take one

January 9th, 2009

I had this idea to start a Jeep diary.  I want to keep track of historical changes like when I rotate tires, driveline angles, etc..  Here goes:

Installed trXus MT tires (33×12.5) in November of 2008.  I’ve put about 1k miles on them so far.  The odometer read about 139k when they were installed.  I’ll probably try to rotate them in 2k miles (~141k), which will actually be inflated by 15% because my speedo is off.

I just had the slip-joint replaced in my front driveshaft in early January of 2009.  It was $143 at Fleet Pride for parts and labour.  Odometer reads 139k.  

shiny new slip joint

shiny new slip joint

I measured some driveline angles a few days ago.  The rear of the TC was 8 degrees from vertical; rear diff at vertical machined surface was 10 degrees.  The rear driveshaft was at 19 degrees relative to the ground.  Net DS angle is 8 or 10 degrees depending on which end you are looking at.  I want to try to remove the TC drop to see if I can get the TC angle closer to 10 degrees without increasing the net DS angle (too much).  Tom Woods says that 15 degrees for a single cardon is the limit before certain failure.  U-joints are rated for like 5k hours at 6 degrees, IIRC.  Increasing the angle decreases life, duh.

I installed a fence clamp Hi-Lift mount on the roll bar the other night.  I don’t like it.  I don’t know where I want to put my Hi-Lift.  I had to move it from the bumper when I installed a pair of KC Daylighters:

KC Daylighters on my YJ

Tonight I should take delivery of some new stainless front brake hoses (Goodridge).  Pics and stuff later.

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