new stainless front brake hoses

January 11th, 2009

I installed some Goodridge stainless brake hoses last night.  With some key coupon codes I got the pair for $42.  Here are some pics of the before (far left) and after.

I’m not too psyched about the p-clip attachment to the frame.  The rubber grippy on the p-clip doesn’t hold the brake line super firmly.  I think I’ll start to hunt for a few of the clips like the ones in these JK brake lines.  The same right-angle bracket came with my rear stainless hose in the RE 2.5″ lift kit.  Bonus: the brake hoses came with new copper banjo washers.  As you can see clearly in the third picture, I made some small hard line extensions to make sure that everything would clear the frame and not rub anything.

I can definitely feel a difference in brake pedal pressure.  It’s actually pretty substantial.  It probably isn’t just because I bled the brakes last night because I bled the front brakes two weeks ago.  The stainless hoses expand less under pressure.  Is it necessary to have that extra pressure?  Probably not.  I could lock up my brakes just fine with the rubber hoses, thus they were supplying adequate pressure.  With that said, the stainless hoses are damn sexy.  =)

Most importantly, however, is that my hoses are long enough for spring flex and the hard lines won’t get tweaked if something (axle or hunk of mud) tugs on the stainless hose.  Again, I’m not too keen on the strength of the p-clip, but it is waaaay better than what I had securing the hard lines before:  nothing.

At the same time I also replaced the rubber pads on my brake and clutch pedals.  Sticky rubber pedals mean my foot won’t slip off of the clutch anymore.

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