oil change, JKS 1.25″ body

February 6th, 2009

Last weekend I installed a JKS 1.25″ body lift.  The install was relatively easy except for breaking a few bolts (to be expected).  This weekend I’ll tackle my new Brown Dog Offroad motor mount lift and get rid of my TC drop.

After the BL I realized that the slip joint in my steering shaft is rusted solid.  The body lift moved the steering geometry such that the shaft needs to be about 1/4″ longer.  I’ll buy a new shaft.  Steering is important…

I changed my oil and installed a new idler pulley last weekend, too.  Odometer read about 139,100 miles.  I used 5W30 for the first time due to the recent super-cold weather.  No ill effects thus far.  Idler pulley was likely fine, but I’m trying to get rid of squeaking noises.  No luck yet.

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