Jeep Laundry List

March 5th, 2009

When I got back from Rausch Creek this weekend, I realized that a few things on my Jeep needed some TLC.

  • front left brake line started to leak from where the banjo is crimped to the braided hose ( is replacing them for free, should be here in a few days)
  • the bolt that attaches my track arm relocation bracket to the axle came loose; I squirted some red locktite on it for now, but I think I need a longer bolt for the nylock to get a good bite
  • I broke two exhaust hangers and possibly beat up my muffler (coat hangers rule)
  • both ends of my front bumper are bunged up as is my passenger rear bumperette
  • on board air mounting plate came loose once (need to put some light-duty locktite on that…)
  • lower steering column bearing has some new wiggles (ordered new bearing for ~$10)

I haven’t yet looked at my diff fluid (to make sure it is still there, really), but I think my axle disco housing is leaking a bit up front.  It’s only been about a thousand miles since my last oil change, but I have new dino juice ready to go when I have a few minutes.  It just feels good to change the oil early every once in a while, especially after driving her hard.  I put a new air filter in a few nights ago.  Mileage hasn’t hit 140k yet.

Since my last post, I almost finished installing my Brown Dog motor mount lift, but I didn’t have time to finish before Rausch so I went back to the stock mounts for now.  I’ll work on the MML some weekend in the future, no rush.  I also added cheap Costco OBA, under-the-hood lighting, a 36-tooth speedo gear (to compensate for larger tires), and a Borgeson steering shaft.  The steering shaft was a necessary upgrade because the slip joint in my stock shaft was 100% rusted solid.  After the JKS BL a few weeks ago, the shaft needed to get about 0.25″ longer to accomodate the new steering angles.  Rust is stonger than welding sometimes, I’ll tell ya’…  Oh, and I added a new 90amp alternator after I broke one of the ears off of mine when removing it for the MML.

Jeep is probably on jack stands until mid-next week.  Meh.

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