Jeep Diary: big catchup

December 23rd, 2009

Holy crap I’ve done a lot to my Heep since the last time I wrote here.  A quick recap:

  • fabbed up some rock sliders (but still didn’t paint them yet)
  • mounted a Superwinch LP8500 on the front bumper
  • Rusty’s HD tie rod and drag link kit (courtesy of Adam)
  • new/reman alternator (broke brackets on old one finishing MML install…)
  • 19 pound Mustang fuel injectors (have had them laying around for 2 years now)
  • Durango steering box upgrade (and a new PS pump)
  • 7″ flares (YJ fronts, TJ rears with some sheet metal trimming)
  • removed front track arm after my steering stabilizer got eaten by the relocation bracket
  • new Old Man Emu steering stabilizer
  • speed bleeders in new front calipers
  • new cat-back exhaust (<$50: AutoZone generic muffler and Quadratec tailpipe)

I just rolled 144k miles today/yesterday.  Changed the oil a few hundred miles ago the weekend after turkey day (5W-30 for the winter).  Tires are still holding up well, no crazy wear.  The fronts are slightly more worn (duh) so I’m likely going to rotate them soon.  I tore apart, lubed, and adjusted the rear brakes at around the same time.  Also, both of my front calipers are less than 3 months old courtesyof Whispering Pines Hideaway.  Mud sucks.

I recently removed my TC drop to get some good measurements for a Tom Woods SYE/CV combo.  I drove around a bit w/out the TC drop and decided to leave it out for now because the vibes are pretty manageable.  My rear DS joints are probably hurting pretty bad, but I should be able to get to the TW gear this weekend (garage time as a Christmas present?).  Speaking of TW, I ordered the el cheapo SYE/CV driveshaft combo, but they were out of the reman kits _and_ the AA kit _and_ the JB Conversions HD kit.  The sent me the HD Super-Duty SYE kit for the price of the reman SYE.  Score!  It has a 32 spline indestructible output flange.  My little 2.5L will never be able to make it sweat.  I bought 8 degree shims with the kit to point my D35 pinion toward the TC, but I fear that I might need a few more degrees.  I can either stack some shims, send away for bigger shims, or installed taller lift shackles.  I guess I’ll know in a few days.

With the SYE I’ll also be swapping out the transmission stabilizer stud (torque arm bolt).  I just replaced this bolt a few years ago because the old one was all bunged up.  Now I can’t take the skid off w/out cutting this damned bolt off.  I got new poly bushings for it, too, since they were only $2.  In the same 4WD order I bought a lube locker gasket for my D30 (don’t care about the D35 since I’m dead-set on a Ford 8.8 in the new year).  We’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

I guess I’ll take some pics of the current state of the union this weekend.  I don’t have any good pics since I put my flares on.  I want to paint my sliders before busting out the camera.  Rustoleum flat black, just like my old ‘Yota.

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